Pakistan cricket fraternity disappointed with decision

Karachi: So just how has the Pakistan cricket fraternity reacted to the Indian decision. spoke to a cross-section of current and former Pakistan cricketers on the decision.


It’s really disappointing. The Mumbai incidents had created a situation in which a lot of people were expecting this but I for one had thought that India will keep cricket and politics separate. But now this decision has come, we have to take it in the right manner and hope that its a temporary standoff.

Most of the people on either side are in favour of cricket, so it must go on. It will, but after some time.
Wasim Akram, Former Pakistan captain

I think both the countries will suffer from this. Pakistan will suffer both financially and cricket wise and India in a way depend on contests with Pakistan. They have improved but were due for more improvement had they played Pakistan. The situation changed so viciously that we were hoping of this decision coming.

In a way cricket has helped in various ways in the past but this time the situation was so different and volatile that even cricket failed. I think both the countries need time and space and once given the hatred will disssolve.
Ramiz Raja, Former Pakistan captain

It’s a big disappointment and a setback to Asian cricket. The terrorism acts could happen anywhere in the world, but that does not mean that sports activities should come to a halt. We thought Asia will be a strong bloc in the International Cricket Council, but if we don’t play against each other in our respective countries how could we become stronger?
Sarfraz Nawaz, Former Pakistan fast bowler

All of us (players) were waiting anxiously for the Indian team, but it’s a disappointment that now they are not coming.
Salman Butt, Pakistan opener

It’s really unfortunate and both people of Pakistan and players of our team are disappointed. I see it as postponement and not cancellation. I hope once things improve they might send their team to play against us. We have to move ahead and I hope the series against Sri Lanka will be finalized in a few days’ time.
Intikhab Alam, Pakistan coach

Cricket should go on if they (India) want to normalise relations with Pakistan,. Pakistan never refused and we went there with open hearts because their government and the cricket board gave us the security assurances. When our government and the cricket board had given them security assurance this time, I think they should have believed us.
Shahid Afridi, Pakistan batsman

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